2017 Beauty Batallion Cover Style πŸ’‹

This blog post was going to be grouped as a whole recap of 2017 but the opportunity to style for a magazine cover shoot deserves its own post πŸ‘‘ There is an amazing team of women here in Utah that have created a magazine based around the true beauty of each of us women as individuals. Beauty Battalion Magazine boosts women of all backgrounds, interest, and looks throughout all of its glorious pages. For 2017 December issue, they wanted cowgirls; and we were fortunate enough to style for this amazing cover!! You can see a preview here: https://youtu.be/fd_yFR7AOfA Yes , that’s yours truly clucking around like a chicken .. fixing the clothes, fixing the horses (two of them are my stallions) …

Can I just say how kind and beautiful and funny Jenna and Renae are .. I have loved getting to know them this year and can’t wait to continue the friendship .. you must follow them if you don’t already !!

To collaborate with so many amazing brands and women on this shoot was a true honor and great way to show off πŸ’β€β™€οΈ my stylist abilities.

Now the plug … if you have any event coming up … need one outfit or 10 … we style !!! In person or remotely I am confident we can work together to style you for any event of any size !! Please don’t hesitate to email and let’s work together to bring your amazing ideas to the surface for your upcoming event !!Covershoot preview

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