When you think you can’t..


I love time on the road, time to zone out and introvert, check in with how I’m feeling unbiased and plenty of time to ponder. I prelaunched new arrivals to my Facebook friends (shhh don’t tell) and found myself rejoicing in my most orders placed in one day, 4!!! Seems silly and simple and with all hope one day I’m sure I’ll look back on today and think how 4 seemed like a really big feat !

Since I can remember I wanted to have my own boutique .. I played with ideas for different boutiques as I explored  different phases of like ; fitness, healing , home design and decor… I’d have to say the development of the boutique came to evolution when my husband and I started to travel. I was able to get out of my norm and shop other locations and styles, finding items I loved. Over time I’d pick up one or two on a good deal, maybe a size or two and bring them home. Last year we formed a skeletal , at some point the name came to premonition and stuck , I explored the idea of a blog/website, posted a few clothes on my Facebook, did a small pop up shop … by the end of the year we were designing on photo shoots, NFR outfits, and even planning a 2018 promo team!!

Here is my thoughts … I had no idea the boutique would be the blossoming baby it is . That I could get support and followers !! That somehow my brain composed the website, the blog.. somehow the connections and ideas came together to do giveaways with other entrepreneurs, which lead to styling a whole photoshoot, new connections and friendships, and a forward moving locomotive called Rodeo Queen of Hearts !!

I couldn’t see a direction to get to this point and honestly don’t know the complete picture for moving forward. How amazing is God’s love that, whatever our hearts pure intent is.. our mind has been given the power to bring our unique desires to premonition!!

If we look at our lives how many of the seemingly small things have been the start of huge life starts, stops, hopes and defining moments! I see this in many aspects of my life and have decided Gods plan involves trusting without knowing the full picture .. Trusting God, the process, and my heart  has lead me to the point where even in hard choices I know I can listen to the small answers and trust to move forward, doesn’t mean it’s always easy .. but I am learning to trust and feel supported.

I hope I can continue to learn and grow in trusting life and all it’s ups and downs .. so the question is .. do we need to see the end to start ? How do we feel safe being vulnerable to learn and try something new without knowing where we are going; and functioning on just knowing where we hope to be. My favorite favorite saying , you’ll hear me say it a million times … “You’ll never get there unless you get there” you’ll never run that 17.0 and under run .. unless you’re brave enough to get there .. show up and be present, try with no harsh judgments to yourself and then try again , show up again , get there again…

It’s hard as a women to find the bravery in yourself to put yourself out there .. we all have those moments.. we all have desires too .. Trust the process no matter how many steps forward  and unfortunately sometimes how many steps back , if you stay true to the course , open up to the idea of it actually working ( whatever your desire or goal is) one day you’ll look back and say remember when I rejoiced in 4 sales in one day 🤩

Queens fix other Queens crowns .. lend a smile, a compliment, a helping hand, a kind word.. stay true to your course and close to God.. With gratitude good things grow !!

Thanks for spending a minute on the blog!!


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