How we haul *

As promised I have finally gotten to our hauling post and I am so excited to share an peak inside our personal “best”.

We are all so inundated with what works, what pastes, grain, supplements, therapies, wraps, blankets, and on and on; that are or could be perfect for you and your four legged athlete. How do you know what’s right? When to use it? And sooner than you know it you are buying 20 different products and not just for everybody but for each individual horse. At that point hauling can seem like mission impossible, impossible not to forget things, impossible to not stress to the hilt, and impossible to fit it all in the trailer. At the same time, thank goodness we have options, as we all know not one horse is the same in what they needs as we haul and compete.

I am a simpleton, my brain and stress level can not handle anything but the basics when we haul. Because of this I have tried a lot of different product and have had horses at many different points of their career to try it on.. which has led me to where I am in my story now and I’m excited to share what works for us with you !!

I essentially have horses at 3 different points…. Finished, Finished and Performing, and  Futurity Performers.

Which means I have 3 basic “Schedules” my horses rotate through. Out to Pasture, Working and light Performing, and on a haul.

Out to pasture my horses are just that… horses. I condition their mane once a week and let them forage as a herd .. I feel this is good for them to reset, go back to herd basics and just be a horse.

Working and performing- This is where my futurity horses are most the year ( 5 year old Futurity colts) and the horses I am keeping legged up. Most likely I have them in their own pen so their everyday interaction is focused on me also to avoid anyone getting in an accident, my way of bubble wrapping. At this point because of the added work load I do grain and feed more. At this point I also bring in my essentials blend( Ill explain further down)

That gets us to HAULING !!

Honestly I am so stoked about my hauling regimen that I no longer have stress about taking my boys on the road. I feel prepared and confident, which allows me to focus on having fun and spending quality time with the horses.



HorseLic 5 gallon buckets

Treats – Fresh Apples, Carrots, Peppermints, etc

My essentials blend

Oil must haves kit

I keep hay/cubes in front of the horses all the time on the road, and I keep it the same hay/cubes that I am feeding at home, I do not buy different for the haul. This is the most “difficult” part. Measuring and toting up the cubes, and tying up the hay. I plan for enough to keep food in front of them all the time.

I do NOT haul any grain or supplements outside of my oils. At this point I do not pack grain/pastes/etc. I do have Redmonds Quick Relief tubes in case of an unexpected digestion emergency but personally I don’t want the added “hotness” of the grains and pastes etc, nor do I want the unfamiliarity and ups and downs for their systems from it.

So I have hay and cubes, next I pack treats and 5 gallon HorseLic buckets. The horses have access to HorseLic in the pasture, and when we haul. If I have them on grain I typically wont have them on the Lic and treats aren’t a part of our every day, maybe a couple times a week. Heres why… I never keep my horses stalled 24/7 but on the road it has to happen and I don’t want them to sour on it. So I give them incentives, options to enjoy the time. Its only on occasion that I have a horse that is finicky eating and drinking on the road. If I do, NO BIGGIE, and THAT DOESNT MEAN I HAVE TO CHANGE WHAT I HAUL !!! When I take HorseLic on the road I usually take buckets that are 1/2 gone. WHY? Because the HorseLic encourages them to drink and because they are getting it when we haul, its the perfect way to trick them into drinking and getting electrolytes on the road. If I have a hard hauler, I will put their water in the Lic bucket over the remaining HorseLic… once again encouraging them to drink !! Also they remember the nostalgia of the flavor while being out to pasture being a horse…  It genius!!

Now the treats…. I use these as a vessel for my essentials oil blend. I have some horses that are really great at letting me use the dropper directly in their mouth and others that aren’t, so I simplified it by using treats to get them their oil. I put the blend directly on the HorseLic, Inside/on top the treats and throw the treats in the bucket for them to entertain themselves with throughout the day !! So not only are they getting their electrolytes , vitamins, oils, etc, they are keeping themselves entertained and enjoying the hauling monotony of being in a stall all day !! Once again genius…. and EASY !!

Now to my oils, YAY !! My custom Essentials blend has everything they need both when they are under work at home and when we are hauling. With elements to aid in digestion, immune support, mane and coat condition, stress relief,  inflammation, focus and emotion support for calm and clarity. THIS IS MY MUST HAVE FOR HORSES UNDER WORK!! What this has done for me …. first and foremost SAVED MONEY!!! I am not buying 5 different supplements all needing to be given at 5 different times in 5 different ways. I don’t have pastes, grain additives, bags to label, grain to pack and measure. I have one oil blend and treats. Saves me time, stress, and money !!

Now even though all my horses are on the same Essential Custom Blend there are times where a particular horse may need something else for where they are at personally; which is where my essential oil kit comes into play. Maybe a muscle comes up sore, I have an oil for that. Lets say my sassy mare needs some support and balance, easy.. lets give her a balance blend to help her mood. Maybe someone is a little more stressed, I have some lavender for that. So I have about 10 oils that I keep in a kit in my trailer as my “just in case”  Part of that includes my custom performance blends, which I use pre workout or pre performance, which are Play to Win and Winners Circle. As well as my EquineTouch kit, which I love as a nice treat for the horses every day or so before bed.

So that’s that.. I haul with 5 items… we could say 6 if you include my Bemer Therapy blanket which I also use as a nice treat to reward the horses before bed or early morning.

Why I am so confident in my regimen ?

I have spent a lot of time listening to my horses, researching products, asking questions. I have horses at so many different places in their careers and have found that I can save money, time, and stress with my simplified haul; AND NOT FOR ONE SECOND DO I FEEL LIKE I AM MISSING ANYTHING OR THAT MY HORSES ARENT GETTING SOMETHING THEY NEED. It is truly amazing. Being able to utilize the essential oils and blends has been an amazing transformation in my performance horses, as well as talking to the many companies, brands and supplements that we as athletes and performers are bombarded with. Though we can find good in so many of the products, and there are so many ways to haul. I truly believe in what I have found and am honored to share it with you. If you are on your own journey of finding what your haul regimen looks like for you and your horses, I am glad you took the time to look at my approach. I am more than happy to answer any questions and help in any way I can on your journey.

Happy Hauling Queens !!

Photos of products !!

Essentials Blend , Play to Win, Winners Circle, and individualized custom blends – Available in the shop !!

Personalized Oil Kit – email and we can get you a personalized kit !!

HorseLic – Email for rep information – I am also working on getting a special discount code for my followers !!!

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