Cowboy Christmas 🎄

Every year, this time of year, Christmas comes early for those running the rodeo circuit. We have all heard the term but have you wondered why it’s a “thing”?

Cowboys and cowgirls, working towards building their year end standings, rodeo most all year to gain rodeo earnings which go towards their ranking in their respective areas of rodeo. This time of year, around the 4th of July , there are so many rodeos going every night that a contest can quite literally hit 2-3 rodeos a day. Their schedules are packed with as many rodeos as humanly possible for as many chances at earnings as they can get. You’ll hear that some contestants have multiple trailers hauling horses to different rodeos so the athlete can hit one rodeo and fly to the next , to the next , to the next. Schedules are planned out months ahead, callins placed, and plans put in motion to get the most out of this time of year !! Wild right !!

I have held my permit with the WPRA for 2 seasons now and have yet to enter my first “Pro” rodeo … it’s been hopeful dreaming  so to say, to be with my horse enough to enter.

A little about my main horse, the black gelding that you’ll see in my pictures . Flits Big N Rich, or Dj as we call him, is  15 year old AQHA gelding. I personally have owned him for 2years and prior to that he has had a competitive career since he was a wee young lad. Moral of the story he is freaky fast, my teacher, and I’m surprised he hasn’t gotten sick of me trying to learn how to ride a horse like him, haha. You hear everyone say “it takes a year to really learn a new horse”… well we are going on just over 2 years and only last weekend would I say I have been able to consistently run top times… all in good timing because this year I have decided to enter some of my first rodeos!!! Hence my baby version of my “Cowboy Christmas” !!!

Over the next 6 weeks we have approx 10 rodeos planned and considering more as the schedule evolves !!! Typically I think most opinions would be to jump in with both feet, sink or swim, if you’re going to do it go all in. Well for me it’s more like let me just dip a toe in and I’ll get all the way in as I please, haha.

No matter, I’m really excited for the weeks to come and the new adventures with my one of a kind horse. Follow the fun because we will be hauling with some friends and post all the adventures !! As always the boutique is always open, but custom orders are full as I have current orders and won’t take more till after “Christmas”, haha!!

Thanks for checking out the blog ! And don’t forget to follow the blog/shop for updates on all the fun !!





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