Cowgirls Don’t Cry

“Cowgirls Don’t Cry” Written by our team member Noelle White 

Instagram: white.noelle

Facebook: @noellewhitemodel

I think that there is something beautiful, special, remarkable and purely magical that goes unnoticed about a girl who falls down, time and time again, and stands back up with the courage to keep going. A girl who remains unfazed and unintimidated by obstacles that, lets face it, sometimes seem impossible to overcome. Struggles that often times seem like the entire universe is working against her, despite her faithfulness and whole hearted effort to do no evil. We’ve all been there… humming the quote “good things happen to bad people”. Wondering why, and when, things are going to fall in our favor. 

Well, my sweet friend… your time is coming. All of these obstacles and hardships that you dread to shed light on are making you stronger, more resilient and more prepared for your forthcoming. 

It is usually fun to set out and tackle a new goal. You enthusiastically dive in determined, holding a picture in your mind of what the finished project will look like. Your motivation is at an all time high and everything is going exactly the way you planned… until it doesn’t… You hit a bump in the road, you loose the spark and it’s beginning to feel like this is more work than you can handle. 

What do you do? You remind yourself of the things that inspired you from the start. Remind yourself of the goal and reimagine what the final product will look like. Ask god to re-light the fire in your heart and to give back the passion you so desperately need to keep moving forward. Effort is what brings reward. When you’ve tried and failed, you know that the decision to keep trying usually leads to a break through in all of your hard work. Take a moment to look back at where you’ve been? Did you think you would be where you are today? No? I didn’t think so. That is because you are a kind, driven, motivated, beautiful, fun, passionate, resilient, poised, cowgirl who refuses to fall off, and not get back on.

Now, whether you are connecting to this in or out of the saddle, makes no difference when tell you… DON’T GIVE UP & DON’T GIVE IN. There is a reason you have set out to do what you’re doing. Don’t give into the hardships the world tries to bombard you with, take it, learn from it, and grow from it. Let your biggest failures and challenges motivate you to be be a better individual. Become kinder. Become joyful. Become grateful. Be more humble… and always thank the Lord. “God will never give you more than you can handle”, is what one of my dearest friends told me, the night before a big queening contest, and she was right. In the arena, my entire right stirrup detached while riding the HOTTEST gelding I’ve ever sat on… but I willingly dropped my second stirrup, evenly distributed my weight, gave him the reins and rode that ball of fire until he died out. Meanwhile I was smiling the fakest (and probably the most frightened) smile I could smile, with the sentence “oh sh*t I’m going to fall off now” running through my mind over and over again. The point is that god gave me a situation, knowing I  could handle it (even if I really wish I didn’t have to) and I  worked with what I  had. I did the best I  possibly could have done with what I had at hand, and I completed the task to the best of my ability. True strength grows in the moments when you think you cant go on, but you keep going anyways… so take a second, cry it out cowgirl, and don’t stop trying. 

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