CREATE Your Life

We all know the hashtag trending right now #livingmybestlife, its being used for a whole array of pictures and posts from international trips to someone eating their favorite ice cream flavor. I have to admit I too have thought about tagging the view over our mountains #livingmybestlife”, the view on our boat #livingmybestlife but when I think about it, it seems arrogant and shallow….. we all live our day to day life no matter if we tag it the best or the worst. There is a commonality no matter how much someone makes, how many kids a family has, where we live geographically; we all live in the confines of the sun rising and the sun setting… the time it takes to turn off our alarm, push the go button on the coffee machine and get the kids on the bus, or ourselves out the door to work. We live in the everyday, day in and day out, our box of reality that is “our life”

I have been, in my last onslaught of self help books written by social media influencers and media moguls, realizing that the underlying message is sooooo similar. The answer isn’t wishing you had someone else’s social media numbers, exotic cars, perfectly behaved children, or stepford wife life…. it is literally CREATING THAT “BEST” LIFE. Having the courage to look at what you want your best life to look like and stepping into the desire to have it without having to have the step by step guide of how to get there.  To be in the game, to show up, to not be afraid to fail, or wonder what your neighbor/friends/family will think when you are all in for your best life. When you show up and say, THIS is what I want, and I’m going to get it.

There is no guarantees that just because you are ready to say YES to yourself and the life you are creating that it isn’t going to be messy at times, harder than you think you can get through at times, times when it all goes right, and times that you have no idea what your next move should be. One thing all the influencers, motivational speakers, and those social media stars you follow will tell you .. is that it is worth it!! YOU are worth it !! So come on girl…write down your goals, do your hair, and jump ALL IN to creating that life you are destined to have !! You cant LIVE your best life unless you CREATE your best life !! #createyourbestlife

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