Who Am I

We did it gals !! Another year behind us and another year to look forward to !! Do you ever catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, or reflect on “did I really just act like that” or think to yourself “ I remember when I …”  AND THINK TO YOURSELF “ WHO AM I” !!

It is my belief that this year should not be a year of “where did I go” or “ what have a become” but “WHO AM I BECOMING”

What current paths are you making a priority and what are you giving your time and energy to ? Like it or not .. the answer to those questions is what is shaping you today for your tomorrow!!

I encourage and suggest sitting down and really answering your own questions of what’s important to you? Who do you want to be? What do you NOT want to give time to this year? How can you become the woman YOU want to be ?

Maybe you want to cook more dinners for your family .. CREATE a schedule .. start small and work up to your personal ideal of what each goal looks like !! Maybe you want to support your kids in a new hobbie … make the effort to get them there … tell yourself it’s worth the effort to make the effort to be who you want to be for others and YOURSELF !!

One of my personal goals is to declutter .. my office drawers, my makeup & hair drawers, my storage room .. create a clean organized under layer in my world so when I need something in my day to day, I know right where to go to get it. Why I think this is important is with so much happening in my day, if I can grab and go and count on what I need being where I think it’ll be, I will ultimately save time and my day will go smoother !!

Heres to 2019 !! May your goals be detailed, your heart be happy, and gratitude be bountiful !! God is good and kindness is key !!




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