Listening to the Rain

At times we go through life with a constant nagging anxiety, stressing to hear, see or know the lining behind the moment. Trying to listen for what’s going on beyond the rain, when listening to the rain ,  when just that .. listening to the rain IS the moment…

I find myself in a trend… by day 2 on the road my mind has settled. My anxiety of being away from home has become a dull humm and my thoughts tend to float into a simpler brain space to form ideals that become a part of my subconscious make up. This is the space where I feel inspired … I grab the floating thoughts and store them away to listen to while we are passing white lines. This is the space where I blog, I feel it is my best self… my most open, analytical, and inspired space … Do you know where that space is ? Can you find it and give yourself the break from listening through the rain ?

My space of clear is different than yours, and yours from mine and another’s from ours. My husband finds this in the quiet of his helmet while he is on his motorcycle adventures… I’m sure some find it in their sewing, baking, nursing their newborn, swimming, watching the movement of your horse, hiking with your dog, cross country skiing.. so many moments that can click the unlock button on your brain and just let you breathe …

This morning before getting back on the road I was afforded one of those moments in watching the horses move and play. Some background on the troops to really understand the moment : DJ- is the oldest, the quintessential barrel horse aaannddd he knows it. Rad – New to me this year, he is young but has switched many hands since his futurity year.. I have the stories of his history in my mind but what he is showing me is a fun loving, ready to take on the world personality. Hatter – a young stallion on his first haul he is wide eyed, thinks he can take it all on and that he is the coolest man in the barn yard … he is just like our teenage son, haha, the ambition is somewhat contagious and watching him somewhat nostalgic.

My moment came in watching these 3… in Dj as the head being patient but to the point when Hat decided to get too close, in Rad wanting to kick up his heels but still hold position in the herd so rather than play WITH Hat he showed off full speed running circles around them, kicking his feet up and loving life all in his own moment and space. And Hatter … thinking he should stand and try to decode the horses in the pen next door, but wait .. his little “herd” was walking the opposite direction.. you could see him consciously make the choice to fall in line with his “people”, even tho it meant he couldn’t be the puffed up man of the hour.

I feel like we are all any of of these 3 at any given point in life… maybe all in one week, one day. We can go from the leader to the one needing to be lead, this hit me. Because sometimes I’m the one who is looked to as a director or leader, but other times I find I am the one looking to those I trust, my Husband, and CHRIST to lead me !!!

In our day and age the facade that we have to be this puffed up big shot (Hatter) that runs the world all the time to be anyone is a daunting ideal that is fueled by social media and varying opportunities.

When Hatter fell in line and softened to the idea of being with the boys vs what he could have chose I SAW the learning he gained, he softened and became a part of something again. When he could have stood alone and become obstinate or distracted by ideas that wouldn’t serve him.

From them to you … it’s ok to be anyone of them .. the leader, the easy going task master, or the one who needs the support… it doesn’t take away from you to be in any one of those stages at any point in the day, month, year .. rather just like Hatter … allow yourself to be the one your life is calling for to L EARN AND GROW


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