Equine Nasal/Lung Health

Hey y’all and long time since we have had a conversation !! We have been busy on the road,  trudging through this long winter and continually stocking the shop with amazing products for all our best gals … ahemmm YOU ❤️

We have been fortunate in our Spring time travels to learn a little something extra about lung health and the game we all play of keeping our 4 legged partners healthy, happy, and sound!! WE BELIEVE IF YOU WANT YOUR HORSE TO PERFOM LIKE A MILLION DOLLAR HORSE YOU NEED TO TREAT IT LIKE IT ALREADY IS !!! So we strive to bring the best products and all the knowledge we gather while on the road to YOU !!!

We don’t claim to know it all or be a pro and our advice shouldn’t be a reason not to speak with a veterinarian if you have questions or concerns about your animals. But here is a little information and our thoughts from what we have been learning on the road.

Think how many times in a single barrel run your horse has quick starts/stops/and turns.. each time your amazing animal rates, turns and powers off again it has a whole internal system the starts, stops, and turns with it. There is a claim that essentially EVERY performance/barrel horse is a bleeder to some degree. As the vessels in the lungs get stressed ( aka the lungs get pounded by the lbs of guts behind them) they break , which causes bleeding. So without even noticing blood or diagnosing your steed as “a bleeder” the need to pay attention to our horses inner workings is important!! Preventative maintenance will save you so much time money and heartache in the overall lifetime of your animals and career!!

So here are some of our favorite ways we are learning to love our ponies lungs…..

1) Our essential oil blend Play to Win !! A super easy and non invasive way to encourage your horses airways to open, promote blood flow and the Copiabia (which is essentially CBD) has healing and calming properties for mental and internal health. Just roll/rub this blend in your hands or over their muzzle  and reap the benefits.

2) Flair Strips – Once again a super easy, non invasive and veterinary tested option for helping your horses airways hold open and allow the most possible air into your horses lungs more effortlessly for them than not using a strip. To read more visit FlairStrip.com, and also protectyourunicorn.com which is a very informative and fun race incentive which you get a free Flair Strip with each incentive pre entry!!

We love to pair our Flair Strips with our Play to  Win for easy on the road lung support!!!

3) Nebulizers. These awesome and kind of fun to use machines are becoming more and more versatile and travel worthy. There are so many great products and solutions they you can use to encourage and promote health and healing through nebulization. Our favorite is a Lung Health formula from Rebar Ranch Naturals that we use 2-3 times a week in our Silver Horse Care Nebulizer. For more info on Rebar Ranch email info@rebarranchnaturals.com

Yes, we have used and love Colidial Silver solutions in our nebulizer and feel like it is great for clearing and cleansing the lungs, but for performance lung health and preventative we prefer a lung health solution that helps with inflammation because inflammation and trauma lead to broken vessels which leads to bleeding.

Thats our latest news and findings , once again these are our personal learning, opinions, and findings. We encourage you to learn more about your horses lung health and what works best for your program!!

Please drop us a line in our contact form or our DMs on Instagram and FB !!!

xoxo RQoH

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