Tales from the Pit -2

Last weekend finished up our WPRA Circuit Finals Race, where we have a great chance to get a good chunk of money onto our permits, or go for great prices in the card race, and the open 4D. 

My black gelding has been working so solid this fall, 1D placings, money, even a custom saddle. I was looking forward to sending him into the permit race and try to add a balance to my 0.00 permit.

That’s right…. as we finish up one season and start another, once again I have not landed into ANY permit money. Last season I was looking forward to a great schedule of perfs and slacks to get my feet wet on the rodeo road, but my lesson learned was…. how to take last place. I could take the night at an amateur rodeo, and get last place the next night at a pro rodeo.

I left the season feeling like… yeah ok, I WANT to do this, I want to fill my permit next season and to do that I started looking for a proven horse with the consistency and drive that my old man seems to not be as vigorous for at 16, he is on or off and at his age and all he has done for me, that’s just fine if rodeo isn’t his thing.

This spring I found the ultimate power horse, young, had stats, has the drive and WANTS to eat it up… So here I am …. my dream fire breathing dragon being delivered to make my summer dreams come true…. our first few runs we smashed … laid it down and I felt like ” holy shit, its gonna happen!!” We really have a chance!! Well, it doesn’t matter how finished, proven, how much money you pay… a horse is a horse of course, and I was only able to haul a few rodeos before my gal had other opinions and we halted to address her needs.

Let me stop in the story …. have you ever hauled on the “pro” road ? Kept your horse, yourself, your family, your rig.. all moving in the right direction while trying to compete… Thees girls are no joke.. savvy, running their game plan, making the runs and getting it done. They are hardworking cowgirls, and them and their horses are the toughest you’ll find.

Despite my lack of “winning” or being the “newbie” I felt like every cowgirl and cowboy I was able to meet, had a way about them that drew you to them. Friendly, kind, and kick ass. Even without any winnings ( now for 2 years) it will be an honor to hold a pro card, when my time comes. From top names in barrel racing sharing laughs and stories at the wash, to cowboys giving my little boy a rope and roping all night.. These are experiences that we will all cherish, and I can feel myself slowly becoming that strong, get it done barrel racer that it takes to be on the road.

I now have 2 red head mares that I can only hope to get with this next season, I have set myself up with all the tools and have gotten used to what would outwardly be deemed as a prison ass whooping … I hit at my finals permit race, my heart was a bit crushed, im not gonna lie, but I know the gelding enough to know when he starts hitting he is sore or long in the toes.. that’s the great thing about KNOWING your horses, I know what his needs are and I feel that can be a huge advantage with your horses. I always here” don’t ya wish they could talk?” They do communicate with us, I think the question is have we spent enough time with them to know their communication and listen.  I have a desire to learn the mares, learn the ropes, continue to create the friends and memories… $1000 to earn a pro card doesn’t seem that challenging, heck I know girls who have filled their card from the first pro rodeo they decided to enter… All I can think is Ive got more to learn to earn my stripes, so here I sit reflecting, planning, changing up my game, learning my horses, and the only choice I have is to try again.



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