Praying for Success

On her worst days she prays, on her best days …..she prays

The steady stream of emotions that comes with putting it on the line is more than roller coaster-ish enough to make you feel like maybe you really are crazy. My first really big experience with this is the 2020 Xtreme Million Barrel Race.

I have been competitive my entire life, put myself into unfamiliar passions and competitions, and thoroughly enjoy the thrill. Until the Xtreme Million there has never been enough emotion to make me question the thrill.

About 2 weeks out from this scale of competition I lost my emotional fortitude… I fell apart… scared, nervous, praying that emotionally I was strong enough to compete or face the disappointment of a hit/fail. That I could do what it takes to get there but when it came time to complete Id fall apart. I was weak, scared, feeling small… so I prayed.. prayed for clarity of a plan, for soundness of my animals, for trust in HIS path for me, and for my friends and competitors.

I knew my heartbreak if I failed, but that didnt happen yet.

So I let go … and let GOD.

I found strength in a plan, strength in trusting that HE knows the outcome and faith that we can all go into the competition as sisters and competitors with love for one another cause we are all on a journey and all have our story.

3 spots.. 3 times on the board and home for a week.

I find myself conflicted when I try to be excited for the results.. feels weird to pray for a “check” when I know we all want it just as much as the other. To hope for the prize saddle when I dont have a “need”.

This has lead me to think about how to approach and pray for success as a Christian competitor. Will it seem ungrateful, boastful, self centered to pray for your own success?

The desire to compete and succeed at a competitive level without a base of gratitude and humbleness seems like building your house upon the sand. Building your house upon a foundation of gratitude, hard work, desire, and grace seems like building your house upon the rock… so where in that competitive mindset, that aggressive drive to do your best.. is appropriate to let your prayers, heart, and goals align

Here are some scriptures I find understanding on the topic in:

Job 36:11, NIV If they obey and serve him, they will spend the rest of their days in prosperity and their years in contentment.

Psalm 37:4, ESV Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

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