To introduce myself as the owner of a boutique and stallion owner seems so wild. The feisty gal we now call Rodeo Queen of Hearts started from mere moments of weakness on my part. As I travel, be it on a haul to the weekend race, rodeo or a getaway with my husband, I always fall prey to great fashion. So I’d pick up an extra size or two as I fell in love, bring them home, and offer them to those in my tribe. Now we have stocked our online shelves with great fashion and beauty products over and over again. Having fallen in love with each item of clothing and each beauty product, we are proud and excited to offer them to all of you !! So thank you!! For your follows, likes, purchases, comments and time spent with us here at RQoH!! Our store front is located at https://squareup.com/store/RQoH , see you there !!

Our stallions pages are in the Menu section on this blog , as well as any current prospect sales !! Feel free to follow all the fun in one location on our Instagram, Rodeoqueenofhearts!!