Be a Kind Human

This year around Easter we had a good friend bring to light the sadness and struggle with her young daughter being bullied at school. We all know in the back of our minds that kids, adults, women / men .. can all at any different time in life suffer at the hands of taunting bullying … no matter once twice or continually, being rude to someone effects EVERYTHING for that person. Listening to a mother’s side of the situation we couldn’t help but think about as a parent/spouse/ friend you can feel so helpless in knowing how to help your loved one and be emotionally encouraging and supportive.  So we decided to extend an offer to our friend to come on over to the shop and let her daughter pick out her favorite items!! Even if we can’t change the world we can always be a light to those around us .. we really believe this and we are excited to launch the “ Be a Kind Human” Initiative !!!! 

As a tribe of strong women we can give those we know who need even just a moment of encouragement and beauty and here’s how we are going to do it !!! 

1) Purchase either of the “Be a Kind Human” Initiative Tees, every purchase we will send out a free tee and letters from our tribe members to a nominated friend who could use a little encouragement or pick me up !! 

2) Use the nomination form to highlight your beautiful friend, spouse, child, neighbor etc that could use a little reminder of just how loved they are !! 

(Please keep in mind we have Tees adult Small-Xl, but can send any age or gender at the least letters of encouragement) 

Weather you have someone in mind, or just love to support a little good in this crazy world, we hope you love the fun Tees and have even offered a bundled deal if you purchase both the shirts !! Maybe one for you, one for your bestie ??  Thank you so much for being a part of RQoH,  we appreciate all of you and what we can do together as a tribe !!! 


For NOMINATIONS : Please use the contact us form and let us know who you’d like to nominate, their shipping info, top size, and a little about them !! Nominations are kept confidential and will receive a Tee and wonderful messages from our tribe members