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“The best part of selling good horses to good people is that you all become family” Whitney Diamond

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2014 Buckskin Gelding – DD Remington Lanes – $7500

He is stunning, well behaved, and trained with all the bells and whistles… 

Where do you even start with him .. he has a soft, collected, and forward foundation. Ranch horse deluxe as he loves cows and roping, big boned and has pushed all day. Hasn’t done much with the hot heels or box, mostly ranch work, but could willingly and easily be taught. At 5 years old this year, and how soft and broke he is , there is literally no direction or amount of disciplines he couldn’t go into. 

He does all the things … as in … clips, shoes, baths, trailers, saddles and bridles like a gentleman. On the ground he is easy and polite, he only “talks” when we walk to “his” barnyard. He is an old soul and a soft hearted guy who is nothing but good. Puppy dog love for his person,  as a stallion he does expect to be the top of the herd. Can and does get turned out with other horses where he has a fun loving, look at me type of personality … absolutely beautiful mover … at approx 15 hands of beautiful smooty buckskin he has the float of a bigger horse but the muscle of the quarter horse. He is appendix, an own and as far as we know ONLY standing stallion sired by The King of Lanes, he has a strong topside in many disciplines especially roping and barrel racing. His bottom side is all race breeding , including notorious names such as Mr Prospector. He is a cowy race bred stallion sure to cross on many mares nicely. With big bone and still growing he will more than likely finish out a bulky 15.2-15.3. 

With eye appeal, a willingness to perform, and gentle personality it is a shame for him to cap his talent at barrel racing.. he is an all around kick ass kind of guy who would excel in ranch, roping, barrel racing, and breeding.He has all the stallion must haves… 5 panel tests N/N, color tested e/e which means he CAN NOT throw red, chrome and mane/tail, fertility counts are high, easy easy to be around, hauls like an old timer ( eats, drinks, stalls) can warm up with everyone else and keeps him self cool and collected in the holding pens, absolutely nothing phases him so you can send him anywhere and know he will stay with you, no matter if it’s in the mtns, or a new arena, he is your guy… 

No spook, bite, rear, or obstinance… has thrown a crow hop or two at the start of a warm up but only getting wiggles out and isn’t a constant. 

We did fuse his hocks in October, which he is coming back from flawlessly but it has delayed his futurity year in barrel racing. I have started to exhibition him, he is very patterned on barrels. He will work all day, and move out strong in the mtns. He is PESI, WPRA futurity, Cowboy States, Future Fortunes enrolled as an offspring and PESI, Cowboy States as a stallion as well as stallion eligible for FF. 

All the hard work is done … he is for sale , not on sale and the real deal , if you aren’t looking to invest into a real nice horse please don’t inquire.

$7500 Firm

SOLD: 2014 Gypsy Cob Mare

2010 – Broodmare – Broodmare Sound Only – SOLD

She is beautiful, big bodied, took first try and has carried, delivered and mothered our foal flawlessly. She is so kind and easy to be around, just the kind of mare you want to breed and have around. She just had her foal heat and is open, I will work with local buyer on getting her down for a re-bred for this year if that’s their plan. Will require AI through a vet for safety of her and the baby that is currently on her. She can stay with us until our baby is weaned. $3250 , potential buyers are welcome to come see her, she is broodmare sound only due to an injury on her back leg that infected her joint, which we have ultra sounded and she is stable and sound on the leg for years of breeding 🤗 she has been taken care of and loved, we require the same for her as she goes on .. she has a heart the size of Texas and is sweeter than pie .. she deserves the best and will give you beautiful babies in return …


Slide N Sail Frenchi – 2017 Palomino Mare- SOLD

Calli as we call her is a beautiful coming 2 year old palomino mare who is correct, kind and beautiful. Coming from long lines of multimillion dollar sires, she is bound to be a top performer! Boasting names such as Frenchman’s Guy , Smart Chic Olena , Chocolate Chic olena, and TopsailCody; she truly can wear many hats and go many directions. $3750 , please use Contact form for more information


SOLD -Preacher – HiClass Celebration

16 hand – 5 year old Sorrel Gelding with flaxen mane and tail

Sound – Sane- UTD

Hauling and is a true gentleman

Preacher is a BEAUTIFUL AQHA gelding with all the right papers, movements, attitude, and brain. He has been hauled with the big boys and approaches everything like a true gentleman.. shoes/baths/loads/unloads/clips/ties/eats and drinks on the road/ easy going respectful nature/tacks/rides out/ smart and willing..

He has all the makings of a top forever barrel horse or as an investment to sell with more experience. Every line of his papers has top barrel names known for passing on everything you could hope for in an equine winner. He is currently finishing up professional training and will be hauling in approx. 45 days. He is priced to sell and the real deal. For further information please use our contact form or call/text 801-259-0623

12,000 USD